Q.  I have an early morning flight, will you pick me up?

A.  Yes, we operate 24/7 but please call the night before to reserve.

Q.  Do you pick up at my home?

A.  Yes, we pick up anywhere you choose.

Q.  How far will you pick-up/drop off?

A.  We drop off anywhere.  We can pick you up within a two hour drive to the airport.

Q.  Do you only provide taxis to/from Pittsburgh Airport?

​A.  No, we will take you anywhere over 18 miles.

Q.  Do you take credit cards/cash?

A.  We take both including all major cards.  However, cash is best!

Q.  Can you provide receipts?

A.  Yes.

Q.  How do I find my driver at the airport?

​A.  Your driver will contact you once you arrive and inform you where to meet them.

Q.  What if my flight is delayed, will the driver leave?

A.  No, we will pay attention to the flight details and will know if your flight is delayed.

Q.  What kind of vehicles do you have?

A.  Sedans, limos, and vans, holding up to 6 people.

Q.  How soon can I schedule?

A.  As soon as you know you would like, but at least 2 hours in advance.

Q.  I am an international traveler and I have no local number?

A.  We can communicate via email.

Q.  How do I pay?

A.  You pay your driver, once you have reached your destination.

Q.  Can I pay over the phone?

A.  Yes, we can take your information. Your card will not be charged until the passenger(s) has arrived.

Q.  Is there a cancellation fee?

A.  No, but please contact us as soon as you know you would like to cancel.

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